B6 stands for
Building By Building,
Block By Block™

More than a tagline, it’s a philosophy that says each commercial real estate property is unique. And to unlock a property’s true value requires granular-level knowledge of all the factors that make it distinct.

Our proprietary Advanced Broker Ecosystem™ combines our deep territory expertise with powerful analytics and a technology-forward platform to deliver the highest value, best financing terms, and a superior transaction experience for commercial real estate owners.

The B6 Edge Our Advanced Broker Ecosystem™

At its heart, B6 lives at the intersection of people, data, and technology. Our Advanced Broker Ecosystem™ ties it all together, offering six key advantages:

Owner-Aligned Philosophy

Unlike other brokerage firms, we only represent owners—there’s no conflict of interest. We always have our clients’ best interests in mind.

Territory Network™

Every B6 agent specializes in a specific territory. Our agents possess a deep understanding of their precise neighborhood — every building, block, owner — every factor from the micro to the macro. Our Territory Network™ model is enhanced with continual and rigorous agent training.

Technology-Forward Approach

With our proprietary fully integrated, company-wide platform, B6 agents work faster, smarter, and more effectively on behalf of our clients. B6 harnesses the power of strategic intelligence and workflow automation to seamlessly connect owners with their ideal buyer or capital source.

Data Transparency

Our integrated platform allows us to combine the rich “boots on the ground” human intelligence of our Territory Network™ with strategic third-party data partnerships and robust public domain data. Our agents have a level of market insight not found anywhere else.

Collaborative Culture

The B6 culture is one of trust, transparency, and teamwork. Each B6 agent is an expert in their own right, and also part of a collaborative environment. Knowledge sharing yields demonstrably better client service.

Agent Specialization

Our agents are ultra specialists, not only in their geographic territory, but also in their service line: a B6 agent focuses exclusively on investment sales or capital advisory.

Our Services

B6 provides commercial real estate owners and stakeholders with a next generation experience to optimize their investments. We take a holistic approach, empowering every client with agent expertise, technology-forward insights, and a team-oriented culture.

Through our unique pairing of territory-specific investment sales and capital advisory agents, we work hand-in-hand with clients to illuminate options, maximize financial gains and drive efficiency to close transactions.

Investment Sales

B6 elevates the investment sales experience. Our Advanced Broker Ecosystem™ is solely dedicated to obtaining the highest value.

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Capital Advisory

B6 brings clarity and transparency to financing. Our Capital Advisory agents guide owners to the lowest cost and best terms.

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Special Situations

B6 represents sellers of distressed debt and REO dispositions. Our Territory Network allows us to understand markets and buyers better than anyone in the industry.

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