Special Situations

Special Situations

B6 represents the sellers of distressed debt and REO dispositions.  Our Territory Network enables us to understand the local markets and buyers better than anyone in the industry.  Collaboratively, our Capital Advisory and Investment Sales agents work together to offer unparalleled expertise of the capital markets and access to property investors to create comprehensive solutions for these special situations.

Meet Our Team

About Us

Special Situations at B6 is a partnership between our Capital Advisory and Investment Sales teams.  Our Capital Advisory agents live in the capital markets daily.  Our technology, coupled with our proprietary lender database, allows us to monitor every lender and buyer of debt.  Our Investment Sales agents collectively know more property owners and investors than anyone in the market.  Due to the collaboration between our agents in their distinct disciplines, we are best suited to identify the optimal buyer of distressed debt or an REO property.

Collaborative Approach

Our Capital Advisory and Investment Sales agents work as one team to identify the best solution for our clients by bringing together their collective market and asset knowledge.  Collaboratively, they identify the broadest investor base for a distressed debt or REO disposition.

Alignment of Interests

At B6, there is a never a conflict of interest in who we represent.  We only represent sellers of distressed debt or REO properties.  Our goal is to maximize the outcome and solution for our clients. 

Dual Advisory Power

Both a B6 Capital Advisory agent and an Investment Sales agent evaluate distressed debt or REO dispositions as experts in their respective practices.  The team advises on debt and equity solutions to maximize your results whether it is distressed debt or a REO strategy.

Broadest Universe of Buyers

B6 Special Situations is uniquely positioned to identify debt buyers by utilizing our proprietary technology, lender database and extensive industry relationships.  Additionally, our Territory Network and shared investor database enables B6 to identify local and institutional principal investors for buyers of distressed debt and REO properties.

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