One of the city’s last hourly-rate hotels is calling it quits

On a triangular block along 10th Avenue sits the Liberty Inn, one of the city’s last remaining “no-tell motels,” where a room can be booked by the hour.  The building is mostly unassuming, well-maintained and discreet. Its owners expect it to sell in the mid-$20 millions, according to B6 Real Estate, the brokerage marketing the property. Current zoning laws would allow developers to build up to 11,225 square feet on the site—nearly double the size of the current hotel.

Crain’s 20 in their 20S – Mitchel Flaherty

Mitchel Flaherty, a recent transplant from the U.K., began his New York real estate career at B6 Real Estate Advisors in 2019.

As with most brokers, he needed a specialty and chose to focus his work in the Bronx after watching several episodes of The Stoler Report, a TV news program that often discussed the borough.


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